Hot-Spark Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits for 6-cylinder Delco Marine Distributors

Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit


Delco 6-cylinder, Non-Vacuum-Advance Distributors

Hot-Spark 3DEL6U1 electronic ignition conversion kit for 6-cylinder, centrifugal-advance Delco Distributors - Agricultural, Industrial, Marine Applications

Replaces Entire Breaker Plate - Simple to Install.


    The Hot-Spark electronic ignition conversion kit replaces breaker points and condenser in the distributor to provide rock-solid reliability. With the Hot-Spark electronic ignition, dwell and timing are always spot-on accurate.


    No matter how strong your engine is, you won't get the most out of it without a good spark. The stock points-based ignition system used technology that dates back a century - to the Kettering system, which was introduced in the 1910 Cadillac. Even though you can adjust breaker points for near-electronic ignition performance, they will burn and wear within a few thousand miles, long before the recommended replacement interval. With points, the timing will drift; power and fuel economy will suffer.


    The Hot-Spark electronic ignition conversion kit delivers a strong spark every time and is maintenance-free. You'll notice quicker starts, more top end power and a little gas mileage boost. It's as easy to install as points and condenser!


Advantages of the Hot-Spark electronic ignition conversion kit:



Hot-Spark 3DEL6U1 electronic ignition conversion kit for 6-cylinder, centrifugal-advance Delco Distributors - Agricultural, Industrial, Marine Applications

3DEL6U1 Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit  for Centrifugal-advance 6-cylinder Delco Distributors



3DEL6U1 Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit


For aluminum-bodied Delco 6-cylinder distributors with screw-down distributor cap and without vacuum advance. NOT for early cast-iron Delco or Delco-Remy distributors.


The 3DEL6U1 ignition kit fits ONLY the following 6-cylinder Delco centrifugal-advance distributors:






































































If your distributor part number (located on the side of the distributor body) is not listed above, this ignition kit WON'T FIT your distributor, even if the photos KIND OF look like your distributor.

Please note that SAE J1171 and UL 428D are NOT distributor part numbers, but simply US government standards that many completely different distributors meet. These numbers are of almost no use in determining which distributor you have or what ignition kit you need. Usually, the Delco distributor part number will be on the opposite side of the distributor body.


Agricultural Applications


Allis Chalmers
6-Cylinder Models E, E-111, K, Delco 1112479, 640 Delco - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder F, G262, B, GB230, G250, G292 engine, Delco 1112461, 1112479, 1112640 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder G, 2800 (gas engine), Delco 1112472 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder K, 6-250, 6-232 engine, Delco 1112479 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 226, Delco 1112668 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 180, 190XT, 200, Delco 1112668 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 190 (G-2500 gas, LPG engine ), Delco 1111311, 1112653, 1111667 - 3DEL6U1
International Harvester
1970-71 6-Cylinder UB-220, 265 Power Unit, Delco 1112471 - 3DEL6U1
1970-71 6-Cylinder UR-450, UV-450, Delco 1112473 - 3DEL6U1
1970-73 6-Cylinder H30B, F, R Payloader, Delco 1112471 - 3DEL6U1
John Bean
6-Cylinder 557CP (GM 305C), Delco - 3DEL6U1
John Deere
6-Cylinder 95, 105, Delco 1112466 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder Combine 4400, 7700, Delco 1112466, 1112640 Delco - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 4400SP, Delco 1112640 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 6602,7700SP, Delco 1112466 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 600, 700, Delco 1112624 Delco - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 4000, 4010, Delco 1112624 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 4020, Delco 1112466, 1112624 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder Harvester H-7, Delco 1112466 - 3DEL6U1
Massey Ferguson
6-Cylinder MF410 GMC 292, Delco - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder MF-1100, MF-1105 (gas and LPG engine), Delco 1112687, 1112696 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder MF-410-292 engine, Delco 1112479, 1112640 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder G-704, Delco 1112662, 1112684 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder G-1000, G-1050, G-1350, 30, Delco - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 1600, Delco 1112632 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 1800, Delco 1112632 - 3DEL6U1
White Farm Equipment Co.
6-Cylinder All, Delco - 3DEL6U1



Industrial Applications


Allis Chalmers
1967-69 6-Cylinder TL545 Tractor Loader, Delco 1112668, 1111311 - 3DEL6U1
1969-73 6-Cylinder F60, 70, 80, 100, 120, FP60, 70, 80, Delco 1112461 - 3DEL6U1
1969-74 6-Cylinder G262, Delco 1112461 - 3DEL6U1
1973-74 6-Cylinder All AC-C, AC-P Series, Delco 1112461 - 3DEL6U1
1952-66 6-Cylinder All models, Delco - 3DEL6U1
1964-65 6-Cylinder C-60; CY-60; CFY-60 21, Delco 1112628 - 3DEL6U1
1966 6-Cylinder CT-20, 30, 40, 50; UT- 60, 70, 80, 100 21, Delco1112672 - 3DEL6U1
1966 6-Cylinder HUT-60, 70, 80, 100; Y60, 100 21, Delco 1112672 - 3DEL6U1
1966-70 6-Cylinder C60, 70, 80; CF-60, 70, 80; CH-60, 70, 80 CY-60, 70, 80 21, Delco 1112672 - 3DEL6U1
1966-71 6-Cylinder C-100, 120; CY-100, 120; Ranger 40, 60 21, Delco 1112672 - 3DEL6U1
1967-69 6-Cylinder IT-60  21, 1112672 Delco - 3DEL6U1
1972-78 6-Cylinder C-500H-60, 70, 80; C500-100, 200  21, Delco 1112672 - 3DEL6U1
1972-78 6-Cylinder C-500Y-100, 130, 150; Ranger 40, 60  21, Delco 1112672 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder F6 engine  21, Delco - 3DEL6U1
1965-66 6-Cylinder Straddle Truck & Lift Truck, Delco 1110317 - 3DEL6U1
1967-78 6-Cylinder Lift Truck, Delco - 3DEL6U1
John Deere
1962-70 6-Cylinder 600, 4020 Series Tractor, Delco 1112624 - 3DEL6U1
1971-72 6-Cylinder 420, Delco 1112466 - 3DEL6U1
Massey Ferguson
6-Cylinder MF1100, MF1105 (Waukesha F320G, LPG), Delco - 3DEL6U1
1963-64 6-Cylinder HD-504-6A, 800-6A Power Unit, Delco 1112638 - 3DEL6U1
1965-68 6-Cylinder HD-504A-6A, 605A-6A, 800-6A Power Unit, Delco 1112638 - 3DEL6U1
1969-71 6-Cylinder HD-425-6A, 504A-6A, 605B-6A, 800-6A Power Unit, Delco 1112638 - 3DEL6U1
New Idea
1965-72 6-Cylinder 701, 702 Power Unit, Delco - 3DEL6U1
Newark Ohio Co.
6-Cylinder 701 Power Unit (Continental F245 engine) , Delco 1111310 - 3DEL6U1
Terex Division (G.M.C.) (with Continental engine)
1972 6-Cylinder 540, 600, 670, 760-P, 860-P, 960-PLT, Delco 1112444 - 3DEL6U1
1972 6-Cylinder V-30, 40, 41, 50, 51, 60, Delco 1112444 - 3DEL6U1
1962 6-Cylinder Lift Truck; 850, 950, Delco 1112622, 630 - 3DEL6U1
1972 6-Cylinder Continental F227 engine, Delco 1112444 - 3DEL6U1
1972 6-Cylinder Lift Truck; 540, 600, 670, 760P, 860P, 960PLT, Delco 1112444 - 3DEL6U1
1972 6-Cylinder V30, 40, 41, 50, 51, 60, Delco 1112444 - 3DEL6U1
1963-66 6-Cylinder 190, Delco 1112682 - 3DEL6U1
1967-70 6-Cylinder 265G, 283, Delco 1112682 - 3DEL6U1
1968-70 6-Cylinder 320G, LPG, Delco 1112687, 696 - 3DEL6U1
1968-73 6-Cylinder F-554G Standard, Delco 1112465 - 3DEL6U1
1968-82 6-Cylinder F-817G, F1197G Standard, Delco 1112465 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 135GZ, Delco 1112462 - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 195GK, F320G, Delco 1112687 - 3DEL6U1
1969-74 6-Cylinder MA20 thru MA100, WC-20, 30, 40, 50, Delco 1112444 - 3DEL6U1
1975-81 6-Cylinder MA60H, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120 Lift Truck, Delco 1112444 - 3DEL6U1



Marine Applications


Mercruiser (Mercury Marine)
6-Cylinder 140, From Serial 1538930 to 1725960 Delco - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 150, From Serial 1666495 to 2048046 Delco - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 160, From Serial 2048022 to 2770031 Delco - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 165, From Serial 2770032  Delco - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder Alpha 1/120-140, From Serial 6229718 Delco - 3DEL6U1
6-Cylinder 200, From Serial 2453769 to 2712072 Delco - 3DEL6U1
1964-66 6-Cylinder 150 HP, Delco 1110309, 1110322 - 3DEL6U1
1972-76 6-Cylinder 165 HP, Delco 980156 - 3DEL6U1


The Hot-Spark 3DEL6U1 replaces this entire Delco centrifugal-advance breaker plate:


Delco centrifugal-advance breaker points plate replaced by Hot-Spark 3DEL6U1 or 3DEL4U1 electronic ignition conversion kit



Before ordering, please compare the points and breaker plate of your distributor to the above photos of breaker plate, points and distributor to make sure that this ignition kit is the right one for your distributor. If your distributor has a vacuum-advance mechanism, this ignition kit won't fit it.


Our electronic ignition conversion kits are not "one-size-fits-all." Your engine could have any number of different distributors. We'll need the number of cylinders and the brand and part number of your distributor to determine which ignition kit would fit it or whether we have an ignition kit for it at all. Supplying just the make and model of vehicle or engine is usually not sufficient to determine which ignition kit will fit. The Delco part number is stamped into the side of the distributor body, and is usually covered with dirt and grease.



Latest On-Line Installation Instructions:


International Buyers – Please Note:

  • Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

  • Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying.


VERY IMPORTANT -- BEFORE ORDERING: Some distributors of vehicles, boats, etc. may differ, according to whether the stock distributor is still in place or a replacement distributor has been installed. Some otherwise similar or identical engines use different distributor brands and/or different distributor part numbers. We need your distributor's brand name, distributor part number and number of engine cylinders to ensure that the electronic ignition conversion kit is correct one for your particular distributor.

If your distributor part number, normally found on the side of the distributor body, is not among those listed on the relevant web page, chances are, the HotSpark ignition conversion kit won't fit your distributor.

It's imperative that we know your distributor's brand name, distributor part number and the number of cylinders of your engine. You may need to remove the distributor temporarily, so that you can read the distributor part number from the side of the distributor body. Usually, the side of your distributor will be covered with oil and dirt, so you'll need to clean it to find the distributor brand name and exact part number.

We can guarantee only that each of our ignition kits will fit a distributor with one of the distributor part numbers listed on its relevant web page. Otherwise, it likely won't fit. HotSpark ignition kits require a 12-volt, negative ground (earth) electrical system.

If you order the wrong electronic ignition conversion kit for your distributor, you'll need to return it to us, via US Postal Service mail within 30 days from date of purchase. If the ignition kit is in perfect, unused condition, we can accept it as a retuned item, within 30 days of purchase, and provide a refund to your payment account, less a 25% restocking fee and any international shipping fees, etc., but only if the ignition kit is in pristine, unused condition. Buyer is responsible for shipping and other costs to return the product for credit or exchange.




Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit for 6-cylinder Delco non-vacuum-advance Distributors

Hot-Spark 3DEL6U1 electronic ignition conversion kit for 6-cylinder, centrifugal-advance Delco Distributors - Agricultural, Industrial, Marine Applications

Easy to Install -

Replace Points and Condenser


Solid-State Electronics

Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit. Replaces points and condenser in many 6-cylinder, Delco centrifugal-advance distributors.


6-cylinder Delco centrifugal-advance distributors. See application chart above.

Not for vacuum-advance distributors.

For aluminum-bodied Delco 6-cylinder distributors with screw-down distributor caps. NOT for older, cast-iron Delco distributors.

12V negative ground only.

Coil Required:

Coil must have 3.0 Ohms or more internal primary resistance. Bosch Black Coil recommended.

In stock:



Item Number:  3DEL6U1
Price: US $79.95

FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the USA

Item Name: Hot-Spark Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit for 6-cylinder Delco centrifugal-advance Distributors

Includes everything you need - no external ignition box required.

Price: US $79.95

Price with Shipping




  Black Coil

BOSCH Black Coil


 3.4 Ω primary resistance
7.4K Ω secondary resistance

Bosch Black 9224771008 Ignition Coil with 3.4 Ohms Primary Resistance. Ideal for 4-cylinder Hot Spark electronic ignition conversion kit or for use with breaker points. Produces strong, blue spark at the spark plugs.

3.4 Ohms primary resistance

 Ideal for Use with Hot-Spark Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits with red 3-series ignition module or for use with breaker points.


Heavy-duty coil with 3.3 Ohms primary resistance. Ideal for points or electronic ignition. Produces strong, blue spark at the 



Ideal for Hot Spark ignition kits or for use with points. Provides plenty of primary resistance to protect from overheating due to high-voltage  environments. No external ballast resistor required.

Bonus: Includes three ¼" male connectors for each coil terminal.

Produces strong, blue spark when used with Hot-Spark red electronic ignition conversion kits  (red ignition module).

Also excellent for points-based distributors - high primary resistance helps reduce points burning, pitting.



Standard 56mm (2.2 in.) coil diameter - fits stock coil clamps.

In Stock:




Item Number: Bosch Black Coil
Price: US $39.95

Shipping: Free Priority shipping to anywhere in the USA

Item Name: Bosch Black Coil

Price US $39.95

Bosch Black Coil with 3.4 Ohms primary resistance



HS14BR Hot-Spark 1.4 Ω Heavy-Duty Ceramic External Ballast Resistor
Hot-Spark 1.4 Ohm Heavy-Duty Ceramic External Ballast Resistor

1.4 Ohm Ballast Resistor - Ideal for Use with Electronic Ignition and High-Voltage Charging Systems

Also reduces burning and pitting of contact breaker points.

1.4 Ω heavy-duty, external ceramic ballast resistor - installed between coil's + terminal and condenser or HotSpark ignition's red wire. Lowers amperage to points or ignition module, ensuring trouble-free operation. Installed on engine firewall or on coil. Ideal for use with high-voltage charging systems and electronic ignition or points.


Recommended for use with high-voltage charging systems. Typically lowers current @ 3,000 RPM by about 0.5 amps.

Supplements original stock coil.



Also extends the life of points when used with points-based ignition systems. Reduces  burning and pitting of points.

In Stock:  


Item Number: HS14BR
Price: US $15.95

FREE SHIPPING to anywhere within the USA. Ships to USA only - no international shipping available for this item, unless ordered with distributor, coil or ignition kit.

Charging system voltage, measured at the coil’s + terminal, must never exceed 13.9 volts, at any RPM level. You can reduce over-amperage surges/voltage spikes to the ignition module by wiring a 1.4 Ohm ballast resistor between the coil's + terminal and the red Hot Spark ignition module's red wire.

Price with Shipping




Foreign Orders: Shipping discount available if purchasing multiple items.




Certain OMC engines with electronic shift assist may require the following wiring modifications:



Dealer Inquiries welcomed.




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